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Sharpe's Waterloo (1997)

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Sharpe's Waterloo


Sharpe's Waterloo


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Sharpe's Waterloo



Based on the novel by Bernard Cornwell, "Sharpe's Waterloo" brings maverick British officer Lt. Col. Richard Sharpe to his last fight against the French, in June of 1815.


  • Sean Bean
    Sean Bean
    Richard Sharpe
  • Daragh O'Malley
    Daragh O'Malley
    Patrick Harper
  • Abigail Cruttenden
    Abigail Cruttenden
    Jane Sharpe
  • Paul Bettany
    Paul Bettany
    Prince William of Orange
  • Alexis Denisof
    Alexis Denisof
  • Hugh Fraser
    Hugh Fraser
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Sharpe's Waterloo


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