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A View to a Kill (1985)

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A View to a Kill


A View to a Kill


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  • Genre

    • Adventure
    • Action
    • Thriller
  • Has James Bond finally met his match?

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A View to a Kill



A newly-developed microchip designed by Zorin Industries for the British Government that can survive the electromagnetic radiation caused by a nuclear explosion has landed in the hands of the KGB. James Bond must find out how and why. His suspicions soon lead him to big industry leader Max Zorin.



  • Roger Moore
    Roger Moore
    James Bond
  • Christopher Walken
    Christopher Walken
    Max Zorin
  • Tanya Roberts
    Tanya Roberts
    Stacey Sutton
  • Grace Jones
    Grace Jones
    May Day
  • Patrick Macnee
    Patrick Macnee
  • Patrick Bauchau
    Patrick Bauchau
  • David Yip
    David Yip
    Chuck Lee
  • Fiona Fullerton
    Fiona Fullerton
    Pola Ivanova
  • Alison Doody
    Alison Doody
    Jenny Flex
  • Desmond Llewelyn
    Desmond Llewelyn
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A View to a Kill


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