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  • Youth, hitting the clouds! Laughing at danger! Fighting, loving, dodging death! That's "WINGS"

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Two young men, one rich, one middle class, both in love with the same woman, become US Air Corps fighter pilots and, eventually, heroic flying aces during World War I. Devoted best friends, their mutual love of the girl eventually threatens their bond. Meanwhile, a hometown girl who's the lovestruck lifelong next door neighbor of one of them, pines away.



  • Clara Bow
    Clara Bow
    Mary Preston
  • Charles Rogers
    Charles Rogers
    Jack Powell
  • Richard Arlen
    Richard Arlen
    David Armstrong
  • Jobyna Ralston
    Jobyna Ralston
    Sylvia Lewis
  • El Brendel
    El Brendel
    Herman Schwimpf
  • Richard Tucker
    Richard Tucker
    Air Commander
  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper
    Cadet White
  • Gunboat Smith
    Gunboat Smith
    The Sergeant
  • Roscoe Karns
    Roscoe Karns
    Lieutenant Cameron
  • Julia Swayne Gordon
    Julia Swayne Gordon
    Mrs. Armstrong
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