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  1. Thanks for posting this. After the Beatles and Queen, there's the Bee Gees. Great , great music. Thank you!
  2. You must have sneaked this one in when I wasn't looking, for which, thank you. Excellent film.
  3. This takes me back. Thanks for posting.
  4. This is a great film Love it! Thanks for posting!
  5. Thanks for posting this in answer t my request. Much appreciated. Cheers!
  6. Thank you for posting this and great prints, too. Thank you!
  7. You and me both, TerpGirl. I put in a request on the other site. I loved the original and am keen to see the changes that FFC made - at his own expense ($500k, apparently) - and like you, am treading water until it appears. We live in hope. 😃
  8. Someone is psychic because I was only thinking about this the other day, so thank you very much! Great post.
  9. haven't seen this one so am hoping it's as good as the first. Thanks for posting. 😀
  10. I never doubted you would. Thanks, MM. 😃
  11. Sorry to be a pest but I have the same problem as Nigel. 🙂
  12. A great, great, film. Thanks for posting!
  13. Hi, MM, can't find any link to stream the film. The page I see has two blue bands across which contain the same mesage. I responded. Still no link or access. Confused? So am I. Sure you'll sort it or explain, though. Cheers, FF Hidden Content Give reaction or reply to this topic to see the hidden content.