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  1. Ok , thanks have downloaded it on normal bluray you put on here works great got sound and picture cant wait to watch it.
  2. Just as a matter of interest would it not be possible to have a normal blu ray download aswell as a 4k for other people who might be having problems !!!!.
  3. Ok, Have done every thing you have suggested with still no luck sound with no picture. normal downloads work ok just these 4k ones dont want to work for me !!!.
  4. Just reinstalled VLC still wont play on it sound no picture any suggestions please thanks.
  5. Hi, I am having trouble playing this film get sound but no picture is it any thing to do with it being a 4k one as i have tried it on vlc and windows media player with no luck was wondering if it possible to get a none 4k copy !!!. thanks.
  6. Thanks a lot sorry to be a pain .
  7. Hi, Can i request this film please www.imdb.com/title/tt4881806. Jurrassic world fallen kingdom 2018 have looked on site couldnt find it. thanks.
  8. thanks very much for that one .
  9. Hi, Can i have a link update for this one please as ones on here no good to me not working thanks.
  10. Hi, can a link update on this one please thanks.
  11. Awesome thanks a lot much appreciated.
  12. Morning guys, Have you had any luck with a new link for this film please.
  13. Hi, Any chance of a update on links please cant find one which will work for me thanks.
  14. Good one dont want to spoil it but what a twist at the end !!!!.