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  1. Can you re-up some new links please and thank you.
  2. Question...I have two screens with 3D. Is that normal?
  3. Could you reup some links and thank you. 😁
  4. Hello all, Today, I am requesting a special re-release of the film, The Cotton Club. While the original film was released in 1984, this re-release version came out in 2019 and contains some scene that are not in the original version. This new version runs at 139 minutes in length. Unfortunately, the only IMDb link is for the original release. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087089/alternateversions?tab=cz&ref_=tt_trv_alt. I thank everyone in advance for your assistance. TG
  5. Can you reup the links please and thank you.