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  1. Thank you, MovieMaster. Quirky movie centered on same-sex relationships, and how their perception fostered misunderstandings and inappropriate actions taken against those who suppressed their true feelings. Nicely-filmed and featuring a decent cast. Although it certainly had some comedic moments, the main focus was on a developing romantic involvement between the cheerleader and another young woman. Given the title I did expect more comedy, but still an interesting way of exploring the subject matter. Best regards, Dana
  2. Thank you MovieMaster. Essentially what you would get if you combined a girls-gone-wild video with a slasher film, complete with six vacationing ex-cheerleaders who were expectedly clueless. Linnea Quigley as the proprietor of an outback-themed bar was a show-stopper with her put-on Australian accent. Ron Jeremy, Lester Green, and a few others were useless, but the carnage eventually overshadowed their non-contributions. Nonsensical and generally silly, but nonetheless mildly-entertaining. Best regards, Dana
  3. Thank you, Saxon Warrior. Intense story about Australian workers-turned-soldiers who held off the Japanese army despite the unimaginable odds against them. Having to fight in an unforgiving environment plus dealing with malnutrition and dysentery brings each of the men to a breaking point. Wonderfully filmed, solid acting, truly captivating. Best regards, Dana
  4. Thank you, Saxon Warrior. Largely factual account of the legendary James Brown’s rise to fame, starting with his early days coming from poverty to become one of the most influential musicians of his time. The acting and choice of characters was excellent, and the musical performances were very well portrayed. Would have preferred to see the life events organized chronologically, but still was a captivating watch for me. Best regards, Dana
  5. Thank you, MovieMaster. Familiar-yet-unique tale about a young man desperate to make a name for himself on social media, no matter what the cost involved. Filled with quirky characters and a compellingly-murderous plotline, but hampered by the point-of-view filming style. Even though I felt it would have had much better impact if staged more conventionally, it was entertaining enough to hold my attention. Best regards, Dana
  6. Thank you, MovieMaster. Strange movie about a young girl blossoming into a woman who sets off in one direction in life only to discover one completely different. Beautifully filmed and an intriguing story, just a bit too cerebral for me. Enjoyed seeing it, but probably would not watch it a second time. Best regards, Dana
  7. MovieMaster, thank you so much! Even though I did not care much for Jim Parsons performance on The Big Bang Theory, listening to his unmistakable voice as the main character did not turn out to be a big negative for me. There are some pretty fun moments to enjoy, and the short 3D section I already watched looked really good. Thanks again! Best regards, Dana
  8. Hello. If you were able to find and post the animated film Home (2015) in 3D, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you! Best regards, Dana https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2224026
  9. MovieMaster, thank you so much for posting these 4K movies! Best regards, Dana
  10. Thank you very much, MovieMaster! Gritty and tough, with plenty of outrageous action. Don't care what the critics say, I really liked this movie! Best regards, Dana
  11. Thank you, MovieMaster. Captivating thriller about a prolific serial killer, and the efforts of federal agents and an unknown crusader to stop the murderer. Carrie-Anne Moss and Aaron Eckhart were very good as FBI partners with a romantic history, but Ben Kingsley stole the show with his characteristic intensity. Even though I felt the screenwriting could have been tailored to deliver more impact through expanding the roles of the principal characters, it was still a decent film to see. Best regards, Dana
  12. MovieMaster, thank you for another great post! These superhero films always look terrific in 3D, much appreciated! Best regards, Dana
  13. MovieMaster, thank you very, very much! Yet another gem I was not aware was released in the 3D format! Best regards, Dana
  14. MovieMaster, thank you again for posting these terrific 3D films, much appreciated! Best regards, Dana
  15. MovieMaster, really appreciate your posting this 3D title; thank you! Best regards, Dana