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  1. Thanks for this. It's a winzip file but that's ok lol I hope
  2. Now this is awesome. Video and sound both have excellent quality. A story line that makes you think. Thanks for sharing this Barry and Cyber Girl.
  3. I miss seeing John Morrison in wrestling, he was good. Thanks for sharing Barry
  4. Yes awesome movie and can't wait for the next one. Love Mission Impossible movies, and I still remember watching the tv series with Peter Graves in the 60's. Excellent quality as always Barry and thanks for sharing. :Have a Nice Day:
  5. Never heard of this one but glad I watched it. Good story line and if truth be told it makes one think of the world today. Psychological warfare works until people wake up and see the truth. Great movie Barry and thanks for sharing.
  6. I had forgotten how funny this movie was. Great quality and thanks for sharing
  7. Thanks for sharing this one Nofear and Barry. It's a pleasure to watch Scott Atkins fight. Excellent quality picture and sound.
  8. Thanks for sharing this Cyber Girl, Barry and Nofear. Michael j. White can be a badass. They should use his skills more in movies.
  9. I have watched this a few times over the past few years and it still hits me. This is a great true story and thanks for sharing Cyber Girl
  10. So it goes full circle. Excellent upload Barry and thanks for sharing.
  11. Is this not working or a bad file?
  12. Jason is just a badass, plain and simple. Thanks for getting this and sharing it Barry, enjoyed.
  13. Thnx for sharing this, another great Jason Bourne movie.
  14. Excellent movie and what I call a very brave man. Trusting and believing in God and not afraid to say it or show it. That's the way to live life. Thnx for sharing Barry