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    Arrival (2016)

    Thank you post links to this wonderful nominated film. [ Post made via Nexus 4 ]http://fml.daves-hosting.co.uk/ext/sniper/mobiledevice/images/Nexus%204.png
  2. There is no man made global warming or climate change. The pro UN scientist have been caught falsifying data, or ouright lying to promote a globalist agenda. Now we cannot trust the scientific community whose real purpose is to tell the truth. This is terrible. [ Post made via Nexus 4 ]http://fml.daves-hosting.co.uk/ext/sniper/mobiledevice/images/Nexus%204.png
  3. I watched Wilson for the first time today.... it was way more entertaining than I thought it would be. Harrelson was great, as usual, but for a character that is different from his norm. Laura Dern was equally as entertaining as well.... Wilson is one of those movies you can't stop watching. Thanks BB. [ Post made via Android ]http://fml.daves-hosting.co.uk/ext/sniper/mobiledevice/images/Android.png