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  1. A very different kinda film. Thanks!
  2. weird but interesting and I liked it.Thank you.
  3. Well this was a fun little movie. Thanks.
  4. I loved this movie! I think they're making another...Can't wait!
  5. Truly a remarkable movie. I couldn't believe it when my wife told me this was a true story. Thank you.
  6. I have gotten upset over a link not working and I give my own opinion of a movie sometimes, but I always appreciate all the effort you and Barry put in to this site. This has truly become my go-to site to look for a movie to watch. Thank you both for your hard work.
  7. Thank you for the movie! It was kinda cheesy and kinda dumb but it was awesome
  8. Norton at his best! This movie was awesome!
  9. Oh my gosh! I completely left out the crying in the video from the phone! I truly expected snot to pour out of her nose.
  10. This was a good movie and crappy at the same time
  11. This was a great movie. He didn't want to shoot anyone through the whole film and he wasn't a very good shot